Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Chewbacca #22 Tips and Tricks

Chewbacca #22

SPECIAL POWER: Attackback (2 x Wookiee)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Hand)

Following Tarfful, Chewie is a great value. At only 20 points, he has the power of Tarfful with just a little less speed. His powerful paw will also knock over any enemy. He is very slim and streamed lined, making him a tough target to bring down from a distance. Closer attacks can bring Chewie down, however, half the time this can be a good thing.

Chewie's Special Power is an Attackback for up to TWO Wookiees. Attackbacks allow for movements AND attacks, which is basically a free turn. Using Chewie and Tarfful, with a support team of Wookiees, will be a tough team to beat. More info on Chewie and the All-Wookiee team at the conclusion of Wookiee Week.

Tip for attacking with Chewbacca:
As with any Striker, Chewbacca needs to be next to his target to attack. Once you have pulled Chewbacca back, and he is poised to strike, you can position his hand directly next to the target to swipe him down. Alternatively, you can release his hand 180 degrees away from the target and allow the full force of his hand to knock the target back, and try to knock over some other enemies with the falling target.

When not using Chewbacca to attack, keep his hand twisted down to the floor. Keeping it raised will make him a vulnerable target. Chewie should be in the front line, a speed of 10 will get him in range quickly. Turn him sideways at the end of his move, so that the enemies will be shooting at his thinner profile. Alternatively, moving Chewie up 6 Tix with a projectile ally can be beneficial as well. Keep the Shooter to Chewie's left, directly in front of Chewie's Striking hand. Chewie's natural defense will make him tough to bring down, and the large hand will help keep the Shooter on his base.

TWO FOR ONE: A figure that is to the right of Chewbacca's target (since Chewie must attack from the left) could be taken down with one swipe of his mighty paw.

Tips for attacking Chewbacca:
Chewbacca is a tough figure to bring down from a distance. Many times have I seen Blasts deflect off his chest and legs. The only Sweet Spot I have seen on Chewie that will take him down every time is his Striking Hand. Chewie is well balanced, even a well placed shot in his back isn't a sure thing. But if your opponent leaves Chewie's hand in air, take him out before he gets to you.

Chewie is just as tricky to kill as Tarfful. Eliminating Chewie's Wookiee allies first will prevent the chance of your opponent essentially getting a free turn against you. There is a 50% chance that Chewie's death will unleash two attacks on you. If Chewie is without Wookiee allies, then you can take him out at your leisure.

Alternative Strategies
Attacktix Wookiee Weekend will conclude with an Attacktix Wookiee team and strategy.


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