Thursday, April 14, 2005

Boga #36 Tips and Tricks

Boga #36

SPECIAL POWER: Recruit (Obi Wan)
ATTACK TYPE: Striker (Tail)

The Boga is a worthy adversary to the AT-RT. This Mega Striker can take down entire groups of opponents. He is pretty quick too, for a large figure. 8 Tix per turn can get you in range pretty quickly. He is easier than the AT-RT, when it comes to taking him down, but only because a direct him will ALWAYS "push his buttons". The AT-RT, as you know, can take some direct hits and not even flinch.

His two "Target Spots" are on his sides, which make him tough to hit early on. That suits him, because he can not make an attack until the third turn, or so (depending on your table size). This is a nice advantage for many reasons. He can block your lower value figures until they are in range to do damage, before they die (the Shield Defense). Also, keeping a flanker on each side, protecting his Sweet Spots will prevent any premature deaths.

HOUSE RULES this is a monster figure, since we allow all figures to spin 360 degrees without taking a Tix, we give the same option to this beast. This also means temporarily moving opponents out of the way, then placing them back once he is in his desired position. As long as all the figures remain in their original spot, this is legal. You can not, for instance, place his tail between a figure's legs. It is just a means to move "through" opponents' figures.

Tip for attacking with Boga:
The Boga is a straight forward Striker, with nice defense. Difficult to be knocked over without the use of the Target Spots, but I am assuming it can be done. There is not much need for direction when it comes to killing 10-40 point figures, get your tail anywhere close to them and knock them down. Look for groups of two or more, and there is a good chance you can get multiple kills!

But you want to take down the AT-RT. No problem, Boga can do this, as well. One-on-one the Boga should win every time. You should only be exposing your right side to the AT-RT, so he can never get to your left side. Take your time and knock over each target, one by one, if there are no other enemies to worry about.

If you need to take him out with one blow, here is the best way. If you play with either the "No Reloads" HOUSE RULE, or the "Fire All Missiles" on the AT-RT, then there is a good chance you will come up against the AT-RT when he has NO missiles in his rack. This makes him more likely to fall backwards. Now, if your opponent leaves his AT-RT's head tilted backwards, you will have no problem taking the whole unit down with one swing.

I like to move my Boga so he is perpendicular to the AT-RT. The (rounded) corners should not be touching, but instead it should be "touching" the outter tips of the AT-RT's "toes". Then, I keep that corner in place and twist the tail a touch closer to the Targets. If the AT-RT's head is level, or slightly back you should be able to knock it over. If it is loaded with missiles, and leaning forward this will be a much more difficult task.

Tips for attacking Boga:
The Boga is one of those figures that will make you run to it, in order to attack it. If he stays straight ahead, hitting the sides of him will be difficult. Have a well balanced team of Shooters and Strikers so you can try to take him out from all levels.
The Boga's buttons are a lot easier to make contact with AND cause a hit, so take your chances when you have them.

Spread out when the Boga is near. No need to lose two or three guys at once because you are preparing for projectile fire. If the Boga can reach you, he will knock you all down.

If you are playing the AT-RT against the Boga, have your Troops attack the Boga's left side first. If you and the Boga go head-to-head, you will never get a chance to hit him on the left side. Get his left side early, so you can make short work of his right when he comes to you!

Additional notes
Try moving the Boga along the side of the table, making it hard for someone to hit the Target on outside. Keep him close enough to the edge so that no one can move in the gap, but also far away to prevent any freak knock downs. This may work well until someone figures out a way to knock him off.

Wookiees seem to make great allies with the Boga. They are very difficult to hit with ranged weapons, especially if you keep their big hands at their sides. Move some Wookiees up field, protecting the Boga's Targets and you can be sure your Boga will do some damage.

Get used to the Boga's tail. The last segment has the most whipping action, but the middle segment has the most strength. Keep this is mind when approaching your foes!


Anonymous said...

Excellent assessment!

Anonymous said...

great assessment

Attacktix Kid said...

I have a strategy for Boga. If you own the launcher Obi-Wan, then you can cover one of the Boga's button's up with his force missle. Be sure to keep other figures nearby as a small push forward to Obi-Wan could press the Boga's button. Gaurd the other button normaly or if you own another Obi-Wan, you can do the same. This would take more than 100 value points but I can always get my friends to agree to make it a 200 or 300 game.

Anonymous said...

I've found a way to knock over Boga with one hit. To do it, you need a Force Launcher figure. Go up behind Boga, on his right side. Position your figure's arm so that that the lip of the Force missile is touching the bottom-right corner of Obi-Wan's seat. (Must be at point-blank range.) When I say the lip, I mean position the missile so that the wide side of it is touching, NOT one of the three corners. This works 95% of the time, and saves you the trouble of having to waste two attacks on Boga! Enjoy, kiddies!