Sunday, April 10, 2005

Attacktix Code of Conduct

Attacktix Code of Conduct:
A Few Guidelines When Playing an Attacktix Tournament

1. Always play fairly and honestly.

2. Be sure to read the quick start guide.

3. If you are not sure of a rule, ask us.

4. If you or your opponent disagree on how a rule should be played," grind" a figure - winner decides.

5. Decide how many points both you and your opponent's squad will have before playing.

6. Once you start moving your figure, you can't "take it back."

7. If you move more clicks then your figure is allowed you must move the number of the extra clicks in the opposite direction.

8. If you accidentally move your opponent's figure (with your hand or by pushing it with your figure) place it back where it was.

9. If you accidentally move one of your own figures when it shouldn't be moved, place it where it was.

10. If you forget to attack with one of your figures you can't go back and attack with it later.

11. If you forget to reload your missiles and you start moving your figures you can reload your missiles before attacking.

12. If you forget to use a Special Power when your figure is knocked down you can't go back and use it.

Updated October, 2005

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