Sunday, April 24, 2005

Attacktix Classes - Attacktix Class Breakdown

Attacktix Classes - Every figure has an Attacktix Class. Attacktix Classes are used with all Star Wars Attacktix Battle Figures and can be used with figures from other Attacktic Sets

Troopers are standard soldiers. Usually low cost. Their special powers make them great auxillary figures, helping other members of their Star Wars Class or their superiors.

Warriors are independent fighters. Again, a lower costed figure, working well in large groups.

Captains are mid-level commanders, usually in charge of groups of Troopers. Slightly higher point value than their troopers, but with better armor and weapons.

Specialists are individuals with specialized skills. Higher end weaponry and and armor with point value to match.

Leaders are high-level commanders in charge of large groups. Highest point values, but with great armor and weapons.

Megas are oversized Battle Masters with extremely powerful attack skills. Two Megas exists, with more promised in Series 2. Fantastic defensive units, with equally impressive weapons.

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