Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gameplay Variations - King of the Hill

If you can't wait for the Battlecase Playset and the Capture the Flag variation, you may want to try these Variations. These may be included in the CTF rules, but in the meantime you can do it yourself.


In King of the Hill, the object is to control a neutral point in the center of the battle field. In the image above, there is a large circle, big enough for a Boga or an AT-RT to fit inside. Use electrical tape, or some type of non-permanent tape to mark a circle in the middle of your table. Medical tape will work too, you don't want to ruin your table with sticky adhesive. If you have a glass table, you can get special markers that will erase with a cloth, but be SURE they are made for this purpose.

Gameplay is the same, move all your figures and attack with only two. The object is to get inside the circle and control it. Only one team may "control" the circle at once, so if both teams have a figure inside, no one is in control.

Points are awarded once you control the circle for a full turn. One full turn means only your team's figures occupy the circle at the end of your two attacks. Then, when your next turn begins, if at least one of your figures remains in the circle, and no opponents are there you get one point.

Keep a tally of points using pennies. Gameplay continues until "Last Man Standing". The last man standing is awarded ONE extra point if his is outside the circle, and TWO extra points if he is inside the circle.

Strikers typically have a higher speed, which means they can run to the center quicker. But a well balanced team of Strikers and Shooters can keep you in control of the center!

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