Saturday, April 30, 2005

Attacktix All Wookiee Team Strategy

The All Wookiee Team has proven to be a very tough squad. The suggested 100 point game allows you to use all of the current Wookiee Class figures; Tarfful, Chewbacca, Commando and Scout. The squad is cooperative and fast, but fragile. The overall abilities of each figure working with the other will show you the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Chewie and Tarfful can make it to the other squad very quickly, and if they can survive the first round of enemy fire, they can be sure to take down two enemies on your second turn. The Wookiees tend to have smaller bases, so you need skilled shots and speed to destroy your enemies.

Have your shooters cover Chewie and Tarfful as the charge into battle. Be sure to keep their Striking arms down, so they don't have easy targets for your opponents.

If you get the honor of going first, and would rather your opponent come to you, try the following. Keep Chewie on the right and Tarfful on the left. Despite what I stated above, keep their Striking arms out, and place the Shooters in front of their mighty paws. Chewie and Tarfful can take some missiles from this range on their body, and the Shooters will protect their paws. Also, if the Shooters are then targeted, there is a good chance the Wookiees hands will support the units, and hold them up for another round.

Even though the Shooters are protecting the Strikers, they are still providing cover enabling the Wookiees to move up field (slow as it may be). After two rounds, and about 12 Tix into battle, you should break your Wookiees loose for some Striking and pull your Shooters back for ranged attacks.

If your Shooters should fall (now or earlier) it's not a bad idea to move your two Strikers together and march forward, hands down, single file. This should keep you as secure as you can be for someone in the center of the battle field.

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