Sunday, April 10, 2005

Plo Koon #07 Tips and Tricks

Plo Koon #07

SPECIAL POWER: Vengeance (Droid Army)
ATTACK TYPE: Shooter (Force Blast)

Plo Koon is an expensive Shooter figure. With his projectile Blast, he is a sure shot 8 Tix out and closer. The shape of the projectile makes it harder to aim high, and combined with his speed of 4 it is best to wait until you get in range to use his attack. Don't be tempted to use the broad projectile to take out two targets at once. The Blast is about the same size as the large base, so even if two enemies are touching bases you will probably just spin them both and not cause any knockdown.

It's best to use Plo Koon with a balanced team of Blaster Shooters and/or some Strikers to shield him as he moves forward. When making long distance attacks, keep his Force Blast with a point up, and a flat side on the bottom. This will help reduce the chance of it bouncing off in a different direction should you hit the ground before your target.

Tip for attacking with Plo Koon:
Try to get within 8 Tix for your best chance of a knock down. The broad area of Plo Koon's projectile can do great damage, and make up for poor aim. Avoid aiming directly at your enemy's gun point. The Blaster projectiles can slip by the gun tip, but the Force Blast will not and can leave you with a flat hit. The best angle for a Blast Force projectile is to hit a chest, or a protruding body, or the broad side of a gun. These are all ideal locations to take advantage of the projectile's size, and cause a knockdown.

When Plo Koon is NOT attacking, keep his shooting arm down as far as it will go. This will help make him very bottom heavy, and also a very narrow target for projectiles. Think Weeble Wobble. Keeping the Force Blast above his waist, may look like a shield, but if hit from the side, he is sure to get knocked down. After you have fired with Plo Koon, you can NOT lower his arm, however, without the Force Blast attached he is pretty well balanced.

TWO FOR ONE: At close range, with the right angle, Plo Koon's large Force Blast can take down two figures. After more than 3 Tix away, this gets much more difficult.

Tips for attacking Plo Koon:
Plo Koon's Force Blast is very heavy, look for your opponent to leave his arm raised, with projectile attached. Try to hit the inside of his right arm, or his chest. Avoid aiming directly at the Force Blast, it can be as big a shield as it is a target.

Plo Koon is best to take down while his Force Blast is attached and raised. He is difficult to take down without the Blast attached, but a well placed shot to the head or chest should do it.

Strikers may find that a Plo Koon WITHOUT a Force Blast may just get knocked back, or spun around. Strikers should try to aim as high as possible. Plo Koon with his Force Blast attached should be very easy to knock down with an "Exclamation Strike," as described in the Darth Vader #32 Tips and Tricks.

Alternative Strategies
You may find that staying as far away from the opponent as possible is a good strategy with Plo Koon, along with any figure using the Force Blast for that matter.

The Force Blast's size has a better chance of hitting at extremely long range than any other figure, so keeping distance works pretty well.

While Plo Koon's attack at 8 Tix range can be devastating, it just opens him up to get destroyed on your opponents next turn, as they can just run up for the kill. Keep in mind Plo Koon only moves 4 Tix per turn, so it takes him a bit longer to move into melee position.


Anonymous said...

And I ALWAYS Thought that Plo Koon SUCKED...

~Evil Yoda

Anonymous said...

A tip for knocking over ANY figure: hit them in the back. Whenever possible, attack your opponent from behind. It's almost ALWAYS a guaranteed knock-over, especially from point-blank.