Sunday, April 10, 2005

Darth Vader #32 Tips and Tricks

Darth Vader #32

SPECIAL POWER: Sacrifice (Trooper)

Darth Vader is solid Striker figure and tough to hit from distances of over 5 Tix away. When hit from head on from long distances, he is most vulnerable from the chest and up. If you have another character with 10-12 speed move them up field together and keep one behind Darth to help protect him from projectile attacks.

When playing with Darth add two to three Trooper figures because he has about a 75% chance of using his special power. So even if he falls in battle, he will come back more than half of the time.

Tip for attacking with Darth:
Try to get directly next to the base, or about one Tix away. Pull the Lightsaber ALL the way back and either line the ready-to-strike saber about a half-inch away from your enemy, or perpendicular with the enemy (the "Exclamation Strike"). The latter description should have your saber looking like an exclamation point, with the enemy dotting the stroke. There is not much movement in Darth's arm, but if attacking a figure with a low center of gravity, you can twist his arm down, so the saber is lower.

TWO FOR ONE: If you use the former method, of releasing a full kinetic blast only a half in away, you also stand a chance of knocking down a second figure. With practice, this type of strike will send Darth into a figure approximately one base length back, and two and a half base lengths in the direction of your swing. If the figure is light enough to fall with a low hit you can get two for one!

Tips for attacking Darth:
Darth is hard to hit from more than 5 Tix away, although it can be done. If Darth's team only has one trooper try to eliminate him first, so that if Darth falls, he has no one to Sacrifice.

If you would like eliminate Darth early, from more than 10 Tix away, you will need a Jedi with Force Blast projectile and a second projectile figure, Force Blast or Large Shot, if you have it.

Position your Force Blast Jedi so that he has a clear shot at Darth's saber, I like to spin the Force Blast so that a tip is pointing up, and it is relatively flat on the bottom. The goal is to hit the saber and spin Darth around 180 degrees to set him up for your second attack. He is much more likely to fall with a direct high, hit in the back.

Choose your figure with the best chance of hitting him high in the shoulders or neck. This will be your best chance at stopping him. Practice this type of takedown before you attempt it in a game. If you try and fail, a smart opponent will add some back up to Vader to prevent him from spinning around.

Darth can easily be shot down with any type of projectile from 5 Tix or closer.

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